Coachella Day Party

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Event Location:
Euphoria Night Club
1301 Ponca Street

About The Event:

As promised Larry Luv’s Coachella (Themed) Day Party returns for a second time by popular demand! If you are a first time attendee, you’re in for a ball of fun! This event specifically focuses on the fashion concept of the  world renowned COACHELLA Festival with our own party twist added to it. With everything from full on festiva attire, bomb ass festive food, games & attractions! Last year over 800+ beautiful people were in attendance and we had the time of our lives! With this year’s anticipation we‘re sure to exceed last crowd. But I can only tell but so much. You’ll just have to see this thing in 3D! So grab your tickets! Lock in your tables and lets enjoy ourselves in a fashionable yet fun manner. See you May 4th! #CoachellaDayParty #LarryLuvEvent 

                                            — Luv

2019-05-04 16:00

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